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Length: 70 km
Sea level: 1300 m
Categories: Road
Start point: Finalborgo

Leaving from the entrance to Finalborgo, you go to the right towards Feglino. After five kilometres of easy climbing, you reach the motorway flyover. After a left turn towards Carbuta, there is a twisty track which takes you towards the little church of S. Rocco. Continuing to climb on the right, you enter the woods which fringe the Pian Dei Corsi, where the climb becomes easier. A flatter part follows, then you cross the road which leads to Osiglia and after a short, slight descent you reach a fork at Din.

After a right turn and a kilometre-long climb, you reach the summit of the Colle del Melogno from which there is an enjoyable descent to Calizzano. Take the left exit from the roundabout at Calizzano and go towards Bardineto, which you reach after five kilometres of easy climbing. Go to the left and follow a main road which climbs very gradually until you reach Giogo di Toirano.

From Giogo you pick up speed for a fast and panoramic descent, passing Carpe and il Salto di Lupo (the Wolf's Leap). Just before Toirano you turn to the left and go to Boissano.

Descend to Loano, on the coast, from where you turn right along the main Aurelia road. From here you can enjoy a seaside ride of a little under 10 kilometres with lovely views, which brings you back to Finale Ligure.
The Melogno hill is the star climb of the Finale area, taking you from sea level to 1,000 metres in less than 20 kilometres.
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