With an ancient maritime tradition, Finale Ligure has always had a close link with the sea and its navigation. From our 3-star hotel in Finale Ligure you can easily reach the sea and practice your favourite water sport.

The sail adapts to the mutability of the winds which, characterized by constant conditions, make it possible to sail throughout the year.
The port of Capo San Donato is the base for sailing activities in the Finale area; several associations carry out an intense activity of regattas and schools and give life to the possibility of experiencing mini-cruises guided by expert skippers. Among these we recommend day trips to the islands of Bergeggi and Gallinara, two-day excursions to Portofino and Santa Margherita and the crossing to Corsica.

Windsurfing & Kite-surfing
Even these sports find excellent conditions in Finale Ligure, especially in the winter months, when the Tramontane blows for weeks. Thanks to the long beaches that characterize the Finale area, the territory has also been a protagonist of the evolution and spreading of kite surfing.
Finale beach is perfect for experienced surfers. In summer, on the other hand, the sun turns the area into an ideal place for those approaching the sport for the first time. The most famous spot is in Noli, ideal in the winter months, when the Tramontane creates fun slalom conditions.

Wave surf
The ideal periods to practice this sport in the Finale area are the autumn months and the first spring period, with the south-east and south-west wind. Thanks to the arrival of low pressure and particular meteorological conditions, in some places of the coast you can find the perfect environment to practice wave surfing especially in Varigotti in the Baia dei Saraceni, in the Port of Finale Ligure and in Pietra Ligure.

Scuba diving
The presence of cliffs like that of Capo Noli and the numerous shoals and wrecks present in the area have favoured the development of the scuba diving activity, offering several spots for each level and numerous centres specialized in this sport.
The scuba diving schools offer all the necessary assistance for more demanding excursions in absolute safety and organize courses at all levels using Padi teaching, offering specialized courses such as night diving, deep navigation and naturalistic scuba diving.
This activity is practicable throughout the year. Starting from the port of Capo San Donato in Finale, where it is also possible to rent all the necessary equipment, the most important scuba diving spots are located on the stretch of coast between the Island of Bergeggi and that of Gallinara.