In the Finale area, for some disciplines of free flight i.e. hang gliding and paragliding, there are the ideal conditions thanks to the constant presence of breezes and currents that make dynamic flights possible.

There are numerous possible take-off points, positioned on suggestive ridges and headlands:

Manie Plateau: the flight does not present particular difficulties, except that it could be useful to know the technique of the sail front in case of strong wind.
Take-off of the Traffic Light at Le Manie: not very large, it allows the departure of only one pilot at a time, but enjoys an optimal slope. In favourable conditions it is possible to fly to the tip of Capo Noli at the castle above the town or to reach Spotorno.
Verezzi: equipped with a very large take-off space, which can allow take-off of two or three hang gliders at a time, it ends on a small wall. You can land on the beach of Finale.