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'N' Hills

Sea level: 1550 m
Categories: Road

Set out on the main Aurelia road, SS1, towards Savona, a warm-up of 15 kilometres, which takes you to Bergeggi, where you turn left and start on the climb of the Torre del Mare. A steep and twisty descent brings you back down to the Aurelia road, which heads back past Spotorno. Take the right hand fork and climb for three kilometres towards Vozze.

Turning to the right towards Vezzi Portio, the going is not so steep for the next 10 kilometres. Follow the sign towards S. Filippo at the turning and at the next turn follow the indication for S. Giorgio. You will head down into the Sciusa river valley and turn to your right over the bridge at the end.

The first part of this climb, until you reach the hamlet of Boragni, is the steepest, after which the going is less tough. The road weaves through woods, continuing to climb and with tight turns as far as the village of Orco from which you descend to Feglino.

When you get down to the motorway flyover, turn right towards Carbuta. The first part is not too steep and slopes gradually towards the S. Rocco fork, where a long descent takes you to Calice. Once you are in the town, turn right for Rialto and after less than a kilometre, you climb to your right towards Vene.

After three kilometres, you reach Rialto, from which a steep descent takes you to the bottom of the valley and you return to Calice. Past Calice, you turn immediately to your right to climb towards Eze. There are a number of steep turns and after three kilometres you descend, crossing the road which goes up to Melogno. Turn to the left as you go down, and freewheel the two kilometres into Gorra.

Passing the little square in Gorra, watch out for a small lane which is on the right. After a short climb you will begin the last, scenic descent which goes past the picturesque village of Verezzi and ends in Borgio. From this point, you cross the railway and turn left onto the main Aurelia road which takes you quickly back to Finale Ligure.
This is a circular route, known as 'N' Hills because riders can do as little or as much as they want of the circuit. It is designed so that they can leave the course and return to Finale Ligure at any point. Riders can tackle as many climbs as they want in the countryside around Finale.

None of the ascents are too long, but they must not be under-estimated because they often include steep gradients.
'N' Hills is a circuit which is sunny even during the winter months, making it an all-year round favorite.
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